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3 Axes is a World Class 3d Printers, 3d Scanners, Filaments Trading firm based in Chandigarh. We at 3 axes cater to your Prototyping needs as well as we are open for trainings and installations of 3d Printers. Here at 3 axes you can also find world class dental scanners may they be lab scanners or intra oral scanners.
We also provide courses for individuals who wants to dive straight into the future of the technology! with 3d printing as a major tool with which we reduce the lead timings by days and sometimes weeks! with the Rapid Prototyping at Hand we can make the products in a matter of days where it used to take atleast a month!.
3D Printing now being a Desktop application as well, many people opt to make it a home machine and manufacture day to day things, many our customers are using these machines to make their children ready for the future, may it be children or grown ups, they find it very exciting and useful in everyday activities.

Inderjit Singh
+91-9467224099, +91-8178665109.

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